What defines ‘beauty’?

That is right! What in ‘you’ defines your beauty? Undoubtedly, your hair and skin’s health
are the parameters that decide the attractiveness you have. While there are hundreds
of special products for hair and so for the skin, the product of Argan oil wins the race
by addressing the both – skin and hair. Essential oils have been an integral part of
any beauty treatment ever since the humankind understood its importance.

How Argan Oil is useful for skin and hair?

Argan oil is one of the rarest oils used in treating and healing skin and health ailments. Argan oil
is derived from the Argan Tree. Ancient sages and healing gurus used their intellect and
found out the health benefits of Argan Tree’s essential oil, Argan Oil. The essential oil,
then on, has been popular herbal oil among folk medicine practitioners, beauty therapists
and ancient aestheticians.

The Argan Oil is rich in essential elements those are known for the good health of hair,
nail and skin in humans. Microscopically, Argan oil is found with potential fatty acids, rich Omega 6
and Vitamin E. All these ingredients are researched and tested for their capability for regenerating
and nourishing dry and damaged hair.

Argan oil is popularly known as the Liquid Gold due to its great health benefiting properties. The use of
Argan oil has been used by ancient beauty practitioners as a skin moisturizer and hair rejuvenator.
The essential herbal oil has surprised the modern scientists by its miracle healing agents. Centuries back
in 1550 B.C., the Phoenicians were the first to identify its usage of repairing and healing several skin
and hair ailments.

Even after thousands of years of its invention, Argan oil has hold its importance in revitalizing hair,
nail and skin of humans. The women of Morocco still, on a regular basis, apply the essential oil to
their faces, hair, breasts, extremities, and even nails.

Contrary to the popular belief, oil does not clog or harm your skin pores. If this could have been the truth, why would skin produce oil naturally? The fact is the best element that rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin and hair is an essential oil. Essential Argan oil has been used by Moroccan women for more than thousand years.

The oil has gotten them the power to reverse the sign of aging and remain youthful. Not only the hair, regular use of essential Argan oil also helps them maintain healthy, young-looking skin and nails. 

The scientific reason behind the oil’s natural health benefits to hair and skin is it markedly improves the retention of moisture and increases collagen and elastin production. This in turn, tones up the skin’s texture and elasticity.

  • A break on premature aging of the skin

    Regular use of Argan oil helps stop the conjoining of proteins and DNA degeneration, the main cause
    of aging in humans.

  • Removal of skin wrinkles and fine lines

    The presence of vitamins and Omega bring back the elasticity and firm the tone of the skin.

    In addition, the research proves that an essential Argan oil has natural properties that retain the moisture
    in skin and render a youthful, radiant glow. Dermal hydration: Deep skin hydration occurs with the regular use of Argan oil.

    The oil is said to restore the hydro-lipidic quote of the skin. This in turn, scientifically improves the retention and absorption of much required moisture.

  • Beautifies and strengthens nails

    Regular use of Argan oil helps addressing brittle and ugly nails. The herb is found packed with nutrients that are essential for the health of the nails. The oil can help strengthening brittle nails and soften cuticles.

  • Fights acne vulgaris

    One of the reasons why natural Argan oil is popular among youngsters is its acne-healing property. Polyphenols found in Argan promotes skin repair as it shows anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin-healing activities.

  • Heals skin ailments

    The herb of Argan is known to have medicinal properties and thus has been used by dermatologists and folk medicine practitioners. Especially in case of eczema & psoriasis, the relief In symptoms has been noticed. This is because, the herb possesses natural anti-inflammatory property and contains healing agents.

    All in all, the essential oil of Argan is highly considered for treating various skin ailments related to beauty. Vanishing stretch marks by fading them: In many cases, it is observed that the stretch marks on the skin disappear after regular usage of Argan essential oil.

    The stretch marks are the common marks that appear on various body parts due to pregnancy, weight gain, and surgery. The natural repair of elastin and collagen: The malfunctioning of elastin and collagen brings in the aging signs on human skin.

    Argan oil for skin help in reducing such fine lines and wrinkles by naturally repairing and restoring the malfunctioning of elastin and collagen. This gives thicker, firmer, more vernal hair and skin.

  • Serves as sunscreen lotion and shield against pollution

    The essential Argan oil contains potential antioxidant agents and rich content of Vitamin E.These are known to protect the skin from sun, pollution, and free radicals.

  • Repairs frizzy hair and treats split ends

    Essential Argan oil is tested in laboratories for its nourishing properties. It is found that the oil help hydrate, soften, and smoothen hair by repairing the frizziness of the hair and repairing the split ends.

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Various studies have been conducted to know the health properties of Argan oil. One of the studies wherein 60 young men consumed 25 ml of either Argan oil each day for twenty-one days.

Study results revealed that natural Argan oil helped improve participants’ antioxidant status.

Source for other research can be found in J Pharm Pharmacol. 2010 Dec;62(12):1669-75 by Monfalouti HE, Guillaume D, Denhez C, Charrouf Z. “Therapeutic potential of argan oil: a review.”

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