Argan Oil as Featured in Reputed Shows, Dailies and Magazines

argan_manazineThe tale of Argan oil has been told regularly on reputed TV shows, newspapers, dailies and magazines. Not just popular among general people, Argan is one of the most preferred cosmetic, healing and rejuvenating products for a lot of film stars and celebrities.

The product has been appreciated for its natural anti-aging, revitalizing and skin beautifying properties.

It is no longer a beauty secret that lots of celebrities including singers, Hollywood actresses and TV show hosts and actresses use Argan oil to keep their body a celebrity’s body!

In addition, a lot of luxury spas, beauty salons and personal care centers use Argan oil for bathing water and other beauty treatments.

High profile publications and TV shows that describe and back Argan Oil’s miracles

America’s Next Top Model

Telecasted on May 11, 2011, in its 12th episode 12, Cycle 16 the herb has been described. In this episode, Lara Spencer of the “The Insider” challenges the remaining three participating models to go and get the report on the most raging beauty trend in Morocco.

The New York Times

In the year of 2007, the reputed daily had an article on “Restorative and age-defying effects… the latest miracle [ingredient] in the beauty industry.” for its November issue. (The New York Times, Liquid Gold In Morocco; Nov 2007)

Elle Magazine

The renowned magazine had a note on the product of Argan oil under the statement of “Recent research has proven [Argan Oil] is packed with skin-beneficial compounds… nearly three times the amount of vitamin E in olive oil!” (Source: Elle Beauty Spotlight; May 2008)

People Magazine

The reference of Argan oil was also found in the month of July, 2010 in People Magazine. The statement was “Argan Oil: From Morocco to Hollywood’s red carpet, this ultra-moisturizing agent beautifies all over.” (People Magazine Beauty Watch – Trend Spotting; July 2010)

National Geographic

One of the most reputed channels also mentioned the miracles of the herb. On the channel, it was stated that “For many centuries [the Berbers have] extracted oil from the nuts.  They use it as… a skin moisturizer, hair softener, and a treatment for ills like acne… As scientists have revealed, [it’s rich in] antioxidants and healthy fatty acids…”(Source: National Geographic – November 2009)

Vogue Magazine

One of the most popular magazines among beauty specialists and celebrities, Vogue also described the healing properties of Argan Oil in its statement “Liquid gold: A precious oil… the new star for healing skin care and healthy gourmet cuisine.” (Source: Vogue Germany; November 2007 & July 2008 issues respectively)

Prevention Magazine

The potential of Argan oil is just beyond its cosmetic and beautifying properties. The Prevention Magazine took a note of its medicinal properties backing that the product is an unmatched product available on the market. The statement was from one of the renowned cosmetic chemists in New Jersey. “A high concentration of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, two key parts of skin’s lubricating layer, explains the oil’s power. ‘These two components help the skin stay hydrated and prevent further moisture loss,’ says Ni’Kita Wilson, a cosmetic chemist in Fairfield, NJ.”(Prevention Magazine: WebMD Feature, August 2008)


“This antioxidant-packed oil is great for hair and skin, and it absorbs much more easily than common skin oils like apricot and avocado.” (10 Beauty Secrets From Across The Globe: July 26, 2011)


Another reference was found in MindBodyGreen. An acupuncturist gave the statement which goes like – “Argan oil is high in botanically sourced squalene. Squalene has a chemical similarity to human skin sebum. So, it is essentially ‘like feeding like.’ Our skin is our armor against a world of environmental pollution, food degradation and stress and it needs to be nourished in order to stay healthy.” As an acupuncturist, she has also found the oil’s anti-inflammatory effects beneficial, and says it “works wonders on softening scar tissue.” (Soaking Up Argan Oil in Casablanca; By Derek Beres, August 1, 2011)